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About us

NTY Steelworks was established in Polokwane on 24 July 1963 by the late Herman Grimm, his wife Lien Grimm and their son-in-law Danie Hough. This family business has gone from strength to strength over the past 57 years.

One of the main reasons for the business' success lies in the strong foundations set by the first manager of NTY, the late Lien Grimm. Single handily she saw to the establishment of the factory, imported machines from abroad and appointed personnel. She also saw to all the measuring and quality control over products manufactured in the first years.

As the demand for NTY products grew over the years, more personnel were appointed and product lines were extended but quality and service always remained (and still is) the main focus of the business.

Today the family business is managed by Anton Hough, the late Lien Grimm’s grandson and son of Danie Hough.

Other key personnel include:

Josia Hendrikse - Sales Manager

Petro Vorsatz - Financial Manager

Eric Wiggill - Floor Manager